The NEW & Improved Venue!

Port Otago is the heart and soul of Port Chalmers industry, and they’re kind enough to donate the use of their new cruise ship terminal which gives us over TWO TIMES more covered space, so no matter the weather there will be plenty of shelter (even if the Kraken comes knocking). 




Meet Richard Emerson and the Brew Crew 

This year, the Port Chalmers Seafood Festival (PCSF) has taken a novel approach to raise awareness about sustainable fishing methods and practices by partnering with award-winning Dunedin craft brewery Emerson’s to produce an exclusive festival beer “Orange Roughy”. Orange Roughy is an Amber Ale described as “one of the best beers Emerson’s has brewed this year, and just like the fish it is beautiful, an amazing balance between malt and subtle hop flavours. Also like the fish it is in very li...

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Have a Mini-Break !           Accomodation over the Festival

Photo credits: Sean Waller & Box of Light    

The Port Chalmers Seafood festival 2017  just couldn’t happen without these legendary supporters and sponsors.......