Meet Richard Emerson and the Brew Crew 

This year, the Port Chalmers Seafood Festival (PCSF) has taken a novel approach to raise awareness about sustainable fishing methods and practices by partnering with award-winning Dunedin craft brewery Emerson’s to produce an exclusive festival beer “Orange Roughy”. Orange Roughy is an Amber Ale described as “one of the best beers Emerson’s has brewed this year, and just like the fish it is beautiful, an amazing balance between malt and subtle hop flavours. Also like the fish it is in very limited supply so... only to be consumed sustainably”. 

The Orange Roughy Story

Orange Roughy, formerly named Slimehead in the 1970’s, was renamed after a marketing programme came up with the catchier ‘Orange Roughy’. Following this rebranding and the discovery of the new fisheries, the sweet, easy-to-cook fish increased in popularity so quickly it became a victim of its own success suffering significant stock losses. Now, Orange Roughy,once seen as a poster child for commercial fishery plunder, is being hailed by a global sustainability network. This acknowledges the significant improvements to rebuild this once overfished species to stock levels which meet the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) high bar for sustainability. 

In partnership with the Ministry for Primary Industries, the New Zealand fishing industry has invested heavily in rebuilding orange roughy stocks through catch reductions. Consumers can be confident that Orange Roughy caught by the certified fishery, and sold with the blue MSC label, comes from a well-managed and sustainable source. 

Engagingly flamboyant craft brewer Richard Emerson - known as a bit of a legendary ginger himself - is excited Emerson’s Orange Roughy will be showcased alongside other Emerson’s craft beers at the Port Chalmers Seafood Festival, including NZ Pilsner and Southern Clam Stout. 


Neil ‘Orange Roughy’ McDonald, an ambassador for sustainable fisheries

Port Chalmers born & bred commercial fisherman Neil ‘Orange Roughy’ McDonald, an ambassador for sustainable fisheries, quickly came up as another reason the festival had a name to match Port Chalmers. Neil says “we’re not the barbarians we’re made out to be, our industry is internationally respected for an innovative and world-leading approach to sustainable science-based fisheries management. I'm really proud to support the future of sustainable fisheries, and beer.” 

This year the Port Chalmers Seafood Festival has a great range of food flavours to match the first ever festival beer along with a great range of Emerson’s, Mt Difficulty wines, and Peckham’s Cider, that are on offer to ensure a flavour filled afternoon with some tasty matching going on!